Commit to 28 Days of Healthy Habits. The next program will start in July. Stay tuned for more details. 

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This plan is different than most because they're no specific diet or exercise program to follow. You commit to 10 healthy habits, check in each day and ultimately make the program work for your needs and lifestyle, with help and support from a health coach.


If you're ready to make lifestyle changes

and forget the diet mentality in 2017,

this is just the program is for you!

Diets Don't Work

When you diet, you’re focusing on the foods you can't have. Your counting points,  counting calories or macros and it's usually a cumbersome process. You may see quick results, but most of the time you end up feeling deprived, crave everything you can't have and binge or go back to eating the same way you did before the diet.

Why diet when you can create lifestyle changes by committing to small, achievable daily habits that result in lifetime health and happiness? Instead of a meal plan, you'll be given healthy eating and lifestyle habits to follow. It's amazing how well this approach works! 

Transform your habits in 28 Days

  • Have you tried all the “quick fixes” … with almost no results?

  • Would you like to ditch old habits that don’t serve you anymore?

  • Are you tired of buying book after book, following diet after diet, and still not experiencing the changes you want?

  • Are you tired of being a slave to sugar and caffeine in order to have energy? 

  • Would you like more energy and a feeling of total balance throughout the day?

  • Would you like to live a life free from confusion about what to eat, where you feel completely in control of your body and mind?

I was once in this same place. I bought every health book out there and a bunch of nutrition plans. I spent hours in the gym doing cardio and even more hours on the Internet researching what I could do to get the body I wanted. I literally spent so much time and energy on this. It was crazy!

Then things changed! I attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and learned that nutrition and eating whole, real foods is the key to nourishing myself, feeling good and looking my best. Yes, exercise plays a role but you can't out-exercise a bad diet.

I also realized that following strict diets didn't work for me. As soon as I started placing limits on what I could and couldn't eat, it backfired and my cravings for things got so intense. I would be "good" all day or all week and then cave and eat unhealthy foods at night or on the weekends.

Fortunately, I learned about clean eating and realized that my daily habits are what really make a difference in my body. Through this mindset I've learned to live a balanced, happy lifestyle where eating healthy and exercising are almost effortless. I want this same thing for you and this program is a great place to start. 



  1. Commit to 10 healthy habits

    • examples: drinking 64 oz of water each day, avoiding alcohol, limiting processed foods, etc.

  2. Receive motivational emails

  3. Have support from a health coach

  4. Be included in a private Facebook forum  

  5. Get healthy recipes

  6. Be eligible to win fun prizes