Join me for a 10 day sugar detox to kick the cravings to the curb once and for all!


Do you feel as though you're addicted to sugar? This program is for you! 

Join me for a sweet bliss sugar detox after Valentine's Day.

I believe in this program. I believe in you. I also believe that living the healthy life is blissful because you’ll be feeling great, looking fab and loving life.

And don't worry, you can still have fruit and sweet veggies, we're just cutting out the processed and added sugars! 

Most participants will lose a few pounds during the 10-day program, but as you know with any program, every person is different and it’s also about how much you commit to giving up sugar and eating clean.

Program will run from February 23 - March 4, 2015

What you get:

:: Downloadable program guide
:: My support + the support of the other participants
:: Daily emails with information, meal ideas and recipes
:: 28-Day supply of nutritional supplements (a multi-vitamin, fish oil and probiotics) for optimal health and nutritional support as you allow your body to cleanse. No more having nutritional deficiencies be the source of your sugar cravings.

All this for only $110  (Total program value is well over $400)

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